PinPoint Career Guidance System

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Here are some of the leading schools using PinPoint in their guidance programs:

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Tufts University Boston College 
Wellesley College    Berkeley

The PinPoint Career Guidance System combines comprehensive self-assessment with powerful career matching to determine which professional careers best suit an individual's personality.  PinPoint guides the user through an exploration of six aspects of their personality that are highly significant to career satisfaction.   It then brainstorms career possibilities by evaluating the user's personality profile against a database of professional careers and shows how compatible the user's personality is to each career.  

PinPoint lets you help more students more efficiently              
by working smarter.              

dot.GIF (104 bytes) Increases productivity of counseling sessions by providing a detailed profile of the student for use at your first meeting
dot.GIF (104 bytes) Improves counselor productivity by freeing time ordinarily spent administering and scoring tests for other counseling functions
dot.GIF (104 bytes) Saves money by providing unlimited-use testing
dot.GIF (104 bytes) Offers more precise career matching by fully integrating the results from all four of its tests, unlike individually administered tests
dot.GIF (104 bytes) Engages students in the career exploration process with its creative approach, high level of interactivity, and dynamic presentation

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