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Benefits the Counselor PinPoint offers many advantages to career centers:
Provides comprehensive testing dot.GIF (104 bytes)

Comprehensive testing. PinPoint provides comprehensive testing to determine the user's Jungian personality type (popularized by the MBTI), Holland Code, interests, character traits, preferred activities, and preferred work contexts, including values.

Integrates test results dot.GIF (104 bytes)

More precise career matching.   Unlike individually administered tests, PinPoint offers more precise career matching  by fully integrating the results from all of its tests to determine how well-suited the user is to a particular career.  Career possibilities are based on any combination of the six aspects of the user's personality determined from the self-assessment tests.

Increases productivity dot.GIF (104 bytes)
More productive counseling sessions.  Students can complete PinPoint's tests in a short amount of time and bring a print-out of the results to their first counseling session, providing the counselor with a great deal of information about the student.
  no need to administer tests to students

  no delays waiting for results from tests

       that are sent away to be scored

Saves time dot.GIF (104 bytes)

Improves counselor productivity.  The time counselors previously spent administering and scoring tests is freed for other counseling functions.

Saves money dot.GIF (104 bytes)

Saves money with unlimited uses.  Compared to the cost of individually administering tests that have a "per use" charge, PinPoint saves money by providing testing on an unlimited-use basis.

Customizes to goal of evaluation dot.GIF (104 bytes)

Adaptable to goal of evaluation.  Counselors can have students complete any or all of the four tests, depending on the goal of the evaluation and time constraints.  Only one test needs to be completed for PinPoint to brainstorm career possibilities.

Benefits the Student PinPoint offers many advantages to the student:
Fun and appealing to use dot.GIF (104 bytes)

Fun and appealing to use.   PinPoint's easy-to-navigate, user-friendly, creative approach and attractive graphics make the program fun and appealing to use.

Engages the student dot.GIF (104 bytes)

Engages the student.   PinPoint's high level of interactivity and dynamic presentation engages the student in the career exploration process so they become an active participant, piquing their interest and minimizing passivity.  The power and flexibility to explore "what if" scenarios and see how their personality matches a career gives them control over the exploration process, gets them involved, and inspires them to think about their personality and careers.

Minimizes student passivity
Student feels in control
Allows student to set own pace dot.GIF (104 bytes)

Meets the needs of the student.  Students can use PinPoint to learn about their personality and get career guidance at their own pace.  This is especially important for students who prefer self-exploration without the assistance of a counselor.

Accommodates time constraints dot.GIF (104 bytes)

Fits in students' busy schedules.  PinPoint is comprised of several discrete modules so the student can do as much or as little as they'd like, making it easy to fit into their busy schedules and accommodating varying attention spans.  PinPoint automatically saves all of the information provided by the user, even for tests they haven't completed, so the user can return later to pick up where they left off.

Teaches about self and careers dot.GIF (104 bytes)

Gives insight and educates.   Students learn about the multiple dimensions of their personality, which can be applied to many areas of their life.  In addition, students are introduced to a large variety of the most current professional careers.

Assists in good career choices dot.GIF (104 bytes)

Assists in making good career choices.  Students are provided with the information they need to choose a career that is well matched to their personality, so that they can find enjoyment, fulfillment, and success in their work.

Benefits the School PinPoint increases student retention

Keeps students in school

Studies show that students are less likely to drop out of school if they have a defined career direction.  Using PinPoint, students learn about their personality and see why they are better suited to some careers than others.  As a result, they can discover a career that is right for them.  With a career choice they can feel good about and the confidence that they're well suited to the career they've chosen, they have the motivation to stay in school.


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