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PinPoint guides the user through an exploration of six aspects of their personality that are highly significant to career satisfaction. Its creative approach, high level of interactivity, and dynamic presentation engages the user and makes the process fun and appealing.

An optional exercise analyzes the user's daily activities over a period of time to more objectively identify their feelings about various character traits, activities, and work contexts.

  Self-assessment determines users':       

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Personality Type - based on C.G. Jung's theory of psychological types, popularized by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
dot.GIF (104 bytes) Occupational Personality Code - based on John L. Holland's theory of occupational themes
dot.GIF (104 bytes) interests
dot.GIF (104 bytes) character traits
dot.GIF (104 bytes) preferred activities
dot.GIF (104 bytes) preferred work contexts,
including values

Career Brainstormer


PinPoint's Career Brainstormer looks at the user's personality from different angles to offer various careers for consideration.

PinPoint's powerful career matching evaluates the user's personality profile against a database of a large variety of professional careers, obtained from the most current government occupational research.

Careers are listed from most to least suited to the user, with indications as to how strongly the user's profile suggests they would be suited to a career.  Detailed career descriptions include education requirements, annual earnings, employment outlook, occupational characteristics, and personality descriptors.


     Career Brainstormer lets users:
dot.GIF (104 bytes) see which of their personality characteristics make them strongly or weakly suited to a particular career
dot.GIF (104 bytes) generate different lists of career possibilities based on various combinations of the six aspects of their personality
dot.GIF (104 bytes) explore "what if" scenarios by altering their personality profile to see how it affects their career possibilities
dot.GIF (104 bytes) specify particular parts of their personality that they consider most important when finding career matches
dot.GIF (104 bytes) see information about a career in the Occupational Outlook Handbook via direct access over the internet
dot.GIF (104 bytes) narrow their career possibilities based on educational, income or other requirements, or by searching for particular words in the career specifications

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