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Applied Insight was founded in 1995 by Betty Newman in Brookline, Massachusetts.  Ms. Newman is a software engineer with extensive experience designing and developing computer software.  Our premier product, the PinPoint Career Guidance System, has been enthusiastically adopted by such top schools as:

dot.GIF (104 bytes) UC Berkeley dot.GIF (104 bytes) Whitman College
dot.GIF (104 bytes) M.I.T. dot.GIF (104 bytes) Reed College
dot.GIF (104 bytes) Tufts University dot.GIF (104 bytes) Providence College
dot.GIF (104 bytes) Wellesley College dot.GIF (104 bytes) University of Texas-Austin
dot.GIF (104 bytes) Dartmouth College dot.GIF (104 bytes) Boston University
dot.GIF (104 bytes) Bucknell University dot.GIF (104 bytes) Sarah Lawrence College
dot.GIF (104 bytes) Brandeis University dot.GIF (104 bytes) Rutgers University
dot.GIF (104 bytes) Boston College dot.GIF (104 bytes) Sacred Heart University

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Letter from our Founder

As a college student, I was ill-equipped to choose what kind of work I wanted to pursue when I graduated.  My favorite subjects were math, computer science, and psychology, but there came a point where I was forced to choose a career path that focused on either people or machines.  Without knowing much about myself or career options, the decision was made almost as though by the flip of a coin.  I graduated with a degree in math and computer science and was employed as a software engineer.  Yet my greatest interest was, and still is, in people and psychology.

While I enjoyed and excelled at designing and developing software, after working in the field for 10 years I felt that something was missing. This, and my interest in psychology, lead me to embark on a long journey into self and career exploration.   Who I am and what was missing started to come into focus, beginning with the discovery that my Myers-Briggs type is ENFP -- not a common type for a software engineer.  The self-exploration process involved reading a multitude of career guidance books, attending career exploration classes, and taking many personality tests, each revealing isolated pieces to the puzzle.  I was frustrated that there was no way to tie together everything I was learning about myself to see which careers I was most suited to based on all these newly discovered aspects of my personality.  And I was disappointed when a number of tests suggested I pursue some non-professional occupations, which did not appeal to me as a college graduate.

As a software engineer, the application seemed obvious.   What I needed and wanted was a computer program that would evaluate the important, relevant aspects of my personality and integrate all the results to determine what I was best suited to do, from a large variety of mainly professional careers.  Using state-of-the-art computer technology, it could be presented in a fun and engaging way, like a computer game, that would make the self-exploration process appealing and enjoyable. 

And so Applied Insight was born.  My unusual combination of interests and aptitudes in both computer programming and psychology, in addition to my as yet unfulfilled desire to help others, resulted in the creation of the PinPoint Career Guidance System. 

My hope is that PinPoint will help people discover who they are and what careers they're best suited to so that they are equipped to make good career choices early on, setting them on a clear and certain path to personal fulfillment, job satisfaction, and success.


Betty Newman
Founder and President
Applied Insight

[In case you are wondering what PinPoint recommends for me... my personality profile strongly matches a Human Factors Specialist, who deals with the human interface to machines -- essentially psychology applied to machines.  Interestingly, PinPoint is just that -- an application of psychology to computers.  Not surprisingly, what I've enjoyed most about developing PinPoint has been the human factors design element -- designing the program to be user-friendly and appealing, in order to make the computerized career guidance process more accessible and enjoyable to all.  I sincerely hope that I've succeeded.]

Comments or suggestions on PinPoint?  Please write me so that I can continue to improve the product for future users.  Thank you.


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